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Time for better tomorrow than yesterday.

We are PIME, We ThinkMakeExtend about you Skin

“Happy + Time, Pime”

Change and Innovation + Customer Happiness + Quality of Life Improvement

Who We Are

Pime Cosmetics, launched in 2016 by Time System Co., Ltd., is a cosmetics brand made by applying plant ingredients and bio-technology obtained from nature.

In the development of cosmetics, utilization of bio is a fundamental requirement, while maintaining environmentally friendly and safe nature for human body and we using only selected raw materials that can enhance skin improvement by grafting Starting with 6 types of highly functional ampoules, we are researching and developing new products such as premium mask packs and serum.

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Our Vision


: Think about people

We make cosmetics that can have a positive effect on people.


: Make a bright skin

We try to make bright and healthy skin.


: Make it with all our heart

We think our family uses it and we pt our mind into making a good product.


: Think about young skin

With PIME’s technology, we try to make oung skin last longer and longer.

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